A stolen moment in a hidden garden, a bite of a forbidden fruit. A student savours their last moments in an immortal city before they make their escape.

Made for #inkjam19 using Ink and the Inky web editor. The theme this time was "At the brink".

I wrote this over the course of two days, knowing I'd be busy for the third. This is the first full ink game I've finished.  There are a few places I wish I could have expanded further, but what I most wanted to do is make better use of ink and finish a project.

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Development log


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This is awesome.


I'm going to have to recommend this read to a few friends.

Thanks so much. I hope they enjoy it.

Interesting take on dragons and angels. Nice presentation (font / landing page / colors), great narrative pacing and atmosphere!

Thank you!

Nice! Good atmosphere, I enjoyed the glimpse into the world of the immortals.

Thanks very much for playing!